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£40 Minimum order for mobile service within the West Yorkshire area.

Sharp steel knives, sitting on a marble chopping board.


At CG Sharpening, we aim to get your tools as sharp as they were when they were brand new. We always look to assess the situation and the state of the knife prior to the job, so our lines are always open for a free quote, and our mobile service means you don't have to take time out of your day to get your blades to us.

Kitchen Knives Sharpened

- Up to 8 inches £3.50

- Over 8 inches £4.50

Ceramic Knives Sharpened

- Up to 8 inches £5.50

- Over 8 inches £7.50

Knife Repairs

- Re-heel £6.50

- Remove large nicks ( > 1mm)  £6.50

- Remove small nicks  £3.50

- Re-tip  £6.50

(The cost of sharpening is in addition to repair work)

Nobody has time to waste on blunt knives, so get in touch to end your blunt nightmares!

Sharpened steel scissors, sitting on a black table.


CG Sharpening prides itself on the high standard of our mobile scissor sharpening service, which we provide through the whole of West Yorkshire. CG Sharpening are always thorough, and are all perfectionists. We use a tried and tested method to make your scissors as sharp as the day you bought them.

Your scissors will be stripped apart and cleaned thoroughly, and inspected for any noticeable damage. If there is any damage we cannot repair, we will advise you of the next steps. Your scissors are then sharpened to the correct specification by using a diamond wheel and honed. The scissors are polished, cleaned, and lubricated, and the tips are aligned to finish them off.



- Hairdressing scissors including thinners £15.00

5 x or more £13.00 each

- Dog grooming scissors £15.00

5 x or more £13.00  each

dog rooming clipper blades £6.50 each

Horse clipper blades £8.00 per set


- Tailoring scissors or embroidery scissors £10.00


- Household scissors £5.00

Visit our gallery to see some previous results.

A person with heavy duty gloves, hand sharpening a chainsaw blade.


CG Sharpening are specialist in all types of blades, that even includes your garden equipment that you may otherwise just throw out. CG Sharpening can get your old shears or axe back in top condition! Get in touch for a free quote on any service. The service is fully mobile, so you don't need to worry about transporting any large, heavy garden equipment!



Wood Chisels

- All sizes £4.50

Wood Axes

- Small/Medium - £6.00

- Large £8.00

Mower Blade

- Sharpened and balanced £5.00/£7.00

Secateurs and Garden Shears

- All sizes £5.00

Chainsaw Blade

- All sizes £8.00

Please get in touch using the button below, for a free quote for all gardening equipment needs.

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