How we service your scissors

The scissors are stripped apart and cleaned thoroughly and inspected for any noticeable damage (if any damage is found which cannot be repaired we will advise you of this). Scissors are then sharpened to the correct specification (Convex, or Bevel edge) using a ‘diamond wheel’ and honed. The scissors are polished cleaned and lubricated. Once reassembled, the scissors are then checked to ensure the tips meet perfectly (if necessary the ‘bumper stops’ will be replaced) the scissors are then balanced before undergoing a ‘cut test’, see below for a description of this process.

The Cut Test 

  • Take a single sheet of toilet tissue
  • Separate into two halves
  • Take the singly ply tissue and wet it
  • Hold the tissue and try to cut it (sharp scissors will cut and slice, blunt scissors will tear and fold the tissue)

This service takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on the condition of your scissors.

Regular servicing prolongs the life of your scissors.

Scissor Servicing & Sharpening

Price list

•          Hairdressing scissors including thinners £12.00

•          Dog grooming scissors £12.00

•          Tailoring scissors embroidery scissors £10

•          Household scissors £5

Please Note:

£20 Minimum order for mobile service within the West Yorkshire area.

 Drop off & Pick up service available upon request.

Please phone us today for a free quote.